October 28, 2016

Her name is Hara

Meet Hara, our newest family member. Well, actually it's my sister family's pet.


June 17, 2016

Foodie Friday: Sweet Potato Latte

sweet potato latte

When I was in South Korea I found this cafĂ© and they have sweet potato latte on their menu. Of course I ordered it right away. And it didn’t disappoint me at all. It’s sweet and savory. And it makes you full. I’m no sweet potato addict, but I like it quite a lot. In Indonesia there is a lot of traditional snack using sweet potato as main ingredient. And my mother used to make it for me. 
Anyway, when I back to Indonesia I tried to make the sweet potato latte. And it is super-duper easy. All you need is sweet potato and milk. Here is how to make it:
  1. Peel the sweet potato and cut it into big chunk
  2. Steam or boil it until fork tender
  3. Set aside until it cold
  4. Put it on food processor or blender, add some milk (you can adjust the amount of the milk based on your preference), and let the machine do their work. 
  5. Done! You can add ice block or just put it in the fridge. 
I find it perfect even without sugar so I think it’s good for your diet. Check nutritional benefits of sweet potato at positive healthwellness. Please make sure to let me know how do you think when you try it :) 

Tips: If you live in dorm and don’t have access to a blender just use you fork and mash it. Or you can use a grater.

June 15, 2016

10 days around South Korea: Behind the Story

10 days around south korea: behind the story
As you already know, I went to South Korea for 10 days in last March. I went with 3 of my high school friend, we’ve been planning and saving for this trip since last year. Truth to be told we never travelling together except for school excursion years ago. So yeah there’s a lot of stories to be told.
I remember the first trip from airport to guest house we already getting separated. It’s inevitable of course, since we have different personalities and it’s hard to match with each other pace even we know them for several years. The same trait we share is we are completely messy. It means our room basically looks like a plane crash site.
So, after we drop off our luggage we decide to go to APEC Nurimaru. And…… we getting lost. At first we took the wrong direction, instead going to our destination we went to airport direction. And after we got off the right place apparently we took the wrong route. Instead took a bus to APEC we take the bus to Dadaepo beach which is our next destination. We went to Dadaepo because we want to watch sunset fountain but…… they didn’t start until April 1st. So much for the first day.

10 days around south korea: Dadaepo beach
Taken by friendly aunty :)

10 days around south korea: coffee shop
Recommended by friendly local citizen

As we weren’t familiar with the area and public transportation it can’t be helped that we are missed the destinated station or shelter. Either we too tired or too immersed in chatting. And we have to walk a mile because if we took the metro or bus will cost a fortune. I wonder how I can survive all those walking. We also have to go to police station because my friend drop her card wallet including transport card right after she recharge about $20. And it's not the first nor the last time she drop her things.

BIFF Square

Unlike people in other big city, people at busan is kind and nice. They try their best to explain you if you ask for direction even though they can’t speak English. They will ask other and looking at internet if they didn’t know. They even ask if you need their help when you look like lost people. A lot of granny asking us to take photo together. Apparently people wearing hijab is uncommon there. Kinda feel like a celebrity, LOL. There even a random grandpa who bought us bungeoppang (carp bread). Maybe we seemed pitiful when we so frustrated to find public Wi-Fi.

10 days around south korea: bungeoppang
Thanks a bunch grandpa!

You can read the itinerary here and the expenses here.

June 2, 2016

I'm not a Postcard Person


For me postcard is a memento, a souvenir, not a way of communicating. Therefor I’m prefer a letter to communicate. Call me ancient, I don’t care.Since I love fancy stationary and of course fancy letter set. Nothing more beautiful than a set of letter paper with matching envelope. Don’t you agree? And I like more privacy which you don’t get if you write a postcard. Well, I know they have different purpose. But still I don’t get used to the idea to write on a postcard. I do love cute postcard though. But if you left me in a bookstore full of postcard and letter set, I will exit with a handful of letter set and just a few postcard.

May 30, 2016

10 Days around South Korea: Budget

10 Days around South Korea: Budget

Here is my expense for 10 days in South Korea excluding meals and souvenir. Hope it can help you when making your travel plan to South Korea.  

1. Visa : IDR 560.000 / $39.8
(excluding bank recommendation  IDR150.000 *Mandiri*)
2. Ticket
- Depart (CGK-PUS) including 10kg baggage: IDR 1.935.000 / $137.5
- Return (ICN-CGK) including 10kg baggage: IDR 2.150.000 / $152.75
3. Guest house
- Busan ( 4night ):  65.000 KRW / $55.42
- Seoul  ( 6night ):  117.000 KRW / $ 99.75
4. Transport
- Inner city (metro, bus, taxi):  67.000 KRW / $57.12
*transportation card : start from 2.500 KRW*
- Busan-Seoul (regular bus): 23.000 KRW  / $ 19.61
- Busan-Jinhae (express bus, round trip): 10.200 KRW / $ 8.7
5. Attraction
- Gamcheon cultural Village 2.000 KRW *optional* / $1.71
- Everland Theme Park 38.000 KRW (with discount coupon) / $ 32.4
- Busan SeaLife Aquarium 17.500 (with discount coupon) / $14.92
- Nami island 8.000 (gate entries and round trip ferry boat) / $6.82
- Petite france 6.000 KRW (with discount coupon) / $5.12
- Namsan cable car 8.500 KRW / $7.25
- Gyeongbokgung palace 3000 KRW / $ 2.56

Read the itinerary here and stories here.

May 19, 2016

10 days around South Korea:Itinerary

10 days around south korea

Yup, this was one of the reason why I didn't post for a little while. Beside I have no idea what to write and been busy and lazy to blogging. I was traveling for 10 days, 12 if you counting the flight, too. Sooooo, here it is: my itinerary for 10 days in South Korea. Yes, it was really long time. No, it's not enough. Yes, there's still so many place that I'd love to visit.

Day 1, April 30.
Arrive at Gimhae International Airport. Unpacking. Going to Dadaepo Beach.
Day 2
Exploring Gamcheon Cultural Village, lunch at Jagalchi Market, wandering around BIFF Square and Yongdusan Park, enjoying night view at Gwangalli Beach.
Day 3
Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, checking the romantic bridge and unused railroad at Gyeonghwa Station. 
Day 4:
Seomyeon shopping Area, Busan Sea Life Aquarium, Haeundae Beach.
Day 5
Heading to Seoul, Myeongdong Shopping Area.
Day 6
Day 7
Nami Island and Petite France.
Day 8
National Palace Museum, Gwangbokgung Palace, Bukcheon Hanok Village, Hongdae Street.
Day 9
Shopping at Namdaemun Market, lunch at Itaewon, pray at Seoul Central Mosque, visiting Yeouido park,  and KBS annex building.
Day 10
Yri Cafe, Gyobo bookstore, Namsan Tower.

If you want to read the details I will write about the place I visited one by one when I'm in the mood, hopefully soon *finger cross*

You can read the expenses here and the stories here.

January 28, 2016

I'm simply a child trapped in adult life
Forced to accept the inevitable fate

I'm the victim of my own feeling
Craving for a little sense of belonging

I'm the prisoner of my own thinking
Struggling to live the way I want

I'm the guardian of my heart
Protect what's already broken before it disappear

I'm the foolish who always smile
While my heart being ripped apart

January 20, 2016


I feel my physical strength decline as I become older. And I start to hate sweating.

I hate running and prefer walking. But going out means I have to change clothes. Such pain in the ass. Yea, I know I'm only twenties but still.... That leaves me with indoor activity. so I choose yoga.
But I don't go to a class because as I stated that requires me to changes clothes. Fortunately there's an app in my phone that can help me to practice yoga at my own room. Although I have to move all the thing to make a room since my room is so small. It's fun though. You can choose your preferable class and mostly the basic class are free. Yeay! *give me applause*

Download for your android phone here! :)

Afternoon surprise

Surprise birthday gift from my beloved friend Ade, who apparently read my wishlist :)
She didn't say anything about sending any package and when it came I thought "I haven't order anything online, have I?"


Here some application for your android phone to make your miserable life slightly better. It's free, but you should pay for more feature. But their free version satisfying enough for me.

Self Improvement Apps

2.Habit Bull
3.Expense Manager

January 7, 2016

death is better

Sometime being left behind because of death is better                      
Because death gives them no option to saying goodbye
And even though it's sucks it doesn't hurt so much
On the other hands, when someone left you behind when they're still breathing is more painful, because they have choices. And they choose to left you. For whatever reason it is.

January 5, 2016

Family affair

I always tell anyone about my family, because it's really big family. So there's a lot story to tell. But I rarely tell about my family affair.
As about my private matters I don't really tell people. If they don't ask, I won't tell. Even to my family, especially my family. Because when you have 5 older sibling, basically you have no privacy. And I tried to confided to a friend. But the next day everyone in our class already know my story. So, that's it. Unless someone begging to know and they swear that it's going to their grave I'm not telling.

January 3, 2016

New Year/ Birthday Wishlist

Upper left : Real technique brush
Lower left : Coloring book for adult
Upper right : A really cool sweatshirt
Lower right : Laptop bag 

January 2, 2016

I believe "everything happen for a reason"

Every time something happen to me I always looking for a reason. Did I done something good or did I done something bad. Does it make me learn something. But sometime I can't explain it at all.