September 17, 2014

Beauty is pain but not beauty causes more pain

I'm not saying that you should make yourself covered in blood or something. What I mean about beauty is confidence and believes that you are pretty. If you aren't confidence about yourself it will cause you more pain. Even if I have this huge nose and I don’t have fair skin I still believe that I am pretty. I don’t care about people opinions. Well, I do care actually. But it didn’t discourage me to be who I am. If you don't believe that you're pretty then who will?


Have you seen this video?  I got a goosebumps every time I watch it. Sometimes you need to look at yourself from other people perspective to realize how beautiful you are.

“Don’t worry about those who talk behind you, they're behind you for a reason".

September 6, 2014

again, a Dream.....

As I told you before that I've been active at local community. So yesterday my friend and I visited one of our children in care, Adi. We couldn't met him because he's still at school even though it's almost dark outside. So we talked with his mother instead. We asked how has he doing as we couldn't meet him often. In fact, last year is the last time I met him. Yes, we've been such a bad elder and I can't apologize enough for that. 

Back to the conversation with the mother, we talk long enough to know a little bit about Adi. He's been doing great except he got a little accident with his bike and broke a couple of his front teeth. He won some competition too, in astronomy as I remember. Then we talk about his dream to study mechanical engineering after he graduate which is soon. His mother told that it's been his dream since he was a little boy until the very now. Never change, not a single glitch. I was more than impressed. Wish can do more to help him achieve it. 

Somehow this conversation reminds me about a discussion with one of the senior volunteer. We talked about something and suddenly she asked about my dream. I avoided her question but she insisted, so I answered shyly. Wondering why because it wasn't a direct conversation. Then she said something that I can't and won't forget when I asked the reason of her question. "It's funny if you help the children to achieve their dream when you don't have one." Yeah, I couldn't agree more :)