March 31, 2014

Cooking while you're starving

I was starving although I just ate. So I decided to cook spaghetti with instant sauce of course :D All I have was fried anchovies then I tried to combine it as topping. Not so bad in my opinion or was it because I starving? :d
p.s. it is my favorite bowl :)


At the last post I said that I made pop-up card right? So I'm gonna share the details here. I got the inspiration at pinterest and I think it's really cool. I've made it for my other friend before and made some improvisation. You can get the template and the instruction from

pop-up birthday card
I used fancy paper for the cover and I printed some word at plain hvs. As for the inside I used buffalo to print the template and added print-screen of her blog instead of a word or pics :D
Easy peasy huh?

I'm not a procrastinator, I'm just extremely productive at unimportant things

That's totally true, instead of doing my research for my undergraduate thesis I just writing here for my blog. Thinking what should I write next or what picture I should take or what should I make. And if not I just daydreaming what I'm gonna do after I graduate.

(very) Late Birthday Gift

I have a best friend whom has same birthday with me. This year I determined to give her a gift. Which I never done as long as i know her :3 
So i made her a pair of slipper, knitted one. I made this slipper based on a book which I borrowed from her. Kinda forced to gave me that book because she doesn't use it anyway :D
 feet eater 
No, no, of course I won't give her the slipper as the way they are. But i made her a gift box too. Ah, and a card. It's actually a pop-up card, but I forgot to take the detail pics for the card.
It took so long to finish this slipper because as you can see, it has small parts like the teeth and the ears. And mostly sometimes I just lazy to do that part. So I just put the unfinished slippers in the unfinished box for a long long time.  Until I have the urge to finish it and move on to other project. So yesterday I put all-nighter to finish it, the slipper and the box. Here's the result. All I have to do is mail it to my friend and take a good rest :)

March 29, 2014


Here's some stationary that I bought yesterday. I'm a big fan of a letter set. Sadly because technology nowadays, people tend to email than send a letter. So it's kinda hard to find letter set, especially the cute one.
cute letter set from nt-tree
cute paper clip  

I found a cute paper clip too, I still don't know when I'll be using it though. 

Eiffle retro seal  


And this retro seal was the highlight. Beside it can be a display, the words really what I've been looking for. Can you see it? It has "Handmade" written on. 

notebook from our story beginmini wooden clip chalkboard

This is the one i really need actually :3

<< still waiting to be use

March 28, 2014

Missing Allert: My Glasses

I always wondering why in this tiny tiny room things keep missing. I don't really mind if trivial things go missing. But, my glasses is essential, I can't live without it. I've search everywhere and it still can't be seen. I'm forced to use my broken glasses for two days and I decided to fix it this noon. In case my glasses still want to play hide-and-seek for awhile. 

Fioni Heels

I've been dying for this heels, for the first time I tried it. And I'm stupid enough to not buy this heels right away, waiting for the right moment. But, when the right moment has came the heels already gone.

So, yesterday I went to the store wishing for a miracle. And yes, miracle has coming. The heels came again, but with different color. I was like "I must buy this heels right now!" then I realized that I spent my money at the bookstore. Why such a tragedy happens to me?

March 27, 2014

Bookstore Trip

So, here I am. Already broke my promise to keep this blog alive.
I've been busy experiencing something new such as getting part-time job. Thanks for that I know that making money is hard.
Got a free time yesterday, so I visited local bookstore  and almost crazy enough to spent all my money in my wallet there. But I regret nothing :)