April 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yes, this is really really late post because my mom's birthday is already a month ago .But I just want to show you all how productive I was ^^
I made this because my mom request it and since it was almost her birthday I thought "why not?".  I already have the material which is polyester yarn and I got the skill :) Took about one week to finished it and not exactly following the pattern but I was damn proud that I didn't stop in the middle like I always do.


You can get the free pattern from Pierrot Yarn here.

April 13, 2015

Sunday morning, spring is coming

I think it's about time to post something, to make sure that you know that I'm still alive. It's just me learning how to use DSLR, by myself. I used my sister's Nikon D40x and my Canon  SX160IS. Yeah, I became impatient and came back to my Canon after frustrated using the Nikon.

If you wondering about the one in the picture, she's my camera buddy. You know... the one that go to photo hunting together kind of.