December 5, 2014

Ignorance is a bliss

Some say I apathetic, some say I ignorant, some say I'm too relaxed...
It's one hundred percent true. I choose to be apathetic, I choose to be ignorant. Because I know myself very well that when I care about something, I can't stop thinking about it. And if there's nothing I can't do to fix or help it, I start to feel guilty. 
And guilty is not something that you can live with.

September 17, 2014

Beauty is pain but not beauty causes more pain

I'm not saying that you should make yourself covered in blood or something. What I mean about beauty is confidence and believes that you are pretty. If you aren't confidence about yourself it will cause you more pain. Even if I have this huge nose and I don’t have fair skin I still believe that I am pretty. I don’t care about people opinions. Well, I do care actually. But it didn’t discourage me to be who I am. If you don't believe that you're pretty then who will?


Have you seen this video?  I got a goosebumps every time I watch it. Sometimes you need to look at yourself from other people perspective to realize how beautiful you are.

“Don’t worry about those who talk behind you, they're behind you for a reason".

September 6, 2014

again, a Dream.....

As I told you before that I've been active at local community. So yesterday my friend and I visited one of our children in care, Adi. We couldn't met him because he's still at school even though it's almost dark outside. So we talked with his mother instead. We asked how has he doing as we couldn't meet him often. In fact, last year is the last time I met him. Yes, we've been such a bad elder and I can't apologize enough for that. 

Back to the conversation with the mother, we talk long enough to know a little bit about Adi. He's been doing great except he got a little accident with his bike and broke a couple of his front teeth. He won some competition too, in astronomy as I remember. Then we talk about his dream to study mechanical engineering after he graduate which is soon. His mother told that it's been his dream since he was a little boy until the very now. Never change, not a single glitch. I was more than impressed. Wish can do more to help him achieve it. 

Somehow this conversation reminds me about a discussion with one of the senior volunteer. We talked about something and suddenly she asked about my dream. I avoided her question but she insisted, so I answered shyly. Wondering why because it wasn't a direct conversation. Then she said something that I can't and won't forget when I asked the reason of her question. "It's funny if you help the children to achieve their dream when you don't have one." Yeah, I couldn't agree more :)

August 24, 2014


What I've been doing so far?
There's nothing much I can tell actually. As I spent almost a month at home, laying around and do nothing.
I missed a lot of birthday this year, my big bro's, my lil bro's, my big sis, and my niece's. I think I missed my mom's birthday too as I choose to visit my big sis. Sad, but can't do anything about that.
When I met my high school friends, most of them already graduated. Maybe it's time for me to seriously doing my paper. Don't you think so?

July 9, 2014


by Jeong Ji Yong

Home, I've come home,
But not to the home I yearned for

Wild pheasants brood eggs,
And cuckoos call in season,

But it doesn't seem like it's my hometown
A cloud float over the port 

Even today when I climb alone
to the end of the mountain,
White-flecked flowers warmly smile,

While grass flutes blown in my youth
yield no sound
on parched lips, so bitter.

Home, I've come home,
But only the sky of my longing is a lofty blue

June 23, 2014

quote quote on the wall...

Quote quote on the wall, tell me the wisest word in the world!
Yep, as I said in the latest post I will decorate my wall with quotes. So this is what I did.

"I have so much to do that I'm going to bed"

It's been a long time since my latest post. Things get really busy at work and my mom keep asking me about my undergraduate thesis. But sometimes, when you have so much to do, sleep is the best solution. So i just slept whole day on my long awaited day-off. LOL
Recently I found a Korean historical drama called Yi San. Yes, I like historical story. Drama, movie, novel, even comics. Then I found the lead actor really good. So I watch another drama and a variety show with him as a cast. The variety show called “Grandpas over flowers”, which is a trip for senior Korean actor and him as a porter. Suddenly I feel urgently to start exercise again. Well, if the grandpas can backpacking around the world, so do I but I need to prepare myself first. I hate running, so I choose to walk. I set 1 mile as my goal for the first and now I can walk until 2.5 miles *proud*

June 2, 2014



Unfortunately it's really hard to find it in my neighborhood. Been looking for the DIY tutorial but got nothing. They usually use honeycomb paper which is harder to get :( 

And finally, after a long time searching  I found the tutorial from Here’s the link if you want to try too! I’ll make mine as soon as possible.

May 27, 2014

a little motivation wouldn't hurt

I think I need a change in my life so I decide to decorate my room with some motivation quotes. I found this simple but meaningful quote at pinterest and redesign it with my own style. Just need to print it and paste to a canvas that I bought yesterday.

It's okay to dream big but don't forget to work it out. Because dreams don't work unless you do, so you better to get your ass to start move!

May 23, 2014


After 4 years together, I must say goodbye with my old ASUS "Susan". And let me introduce you to my new ASUS Zenbook "Jejen".

What I love about Jejen
1. It's slim and light (just 1.4 Kg )
2. The packaging is elegant and I can use the box to put Jejen on my lap or when i'm laying on my bed
3. The audio is great, loud and clear

But it have something that bothers me
1. It is smaller than my old laptop (just 13.3", my old one was 14")
2. Slow performance (i3)
3. The OS (windows 8) isn't friendly user for me >.<


I’m not really a radio person, barely listen to it. But I’ve been on radio show three times as a guest star. No, I’m not an idol or superstar or actress, I just an ordinary person with ordinary live. I’m currently active as a volunteer at education-based local community called Coin a Chance! which located at Semarang. So I come to radio or TV station to share about my community and about my experience being a volunteer.
I think being an announcer is cool, they job really fun and they can meet a lot of people. When I was a kid I often pretend that I'm an announcer and host my own show. But I feel embarrassed when I hear my own voice :D

May 17, 2014


Yes, you are really amazing and you already know that
 -my friend, Ade-

I always surrounded by exceptional people. They're gifted, talented, and amazing. All I have just my laziness and messiness.
Sometimes I feel so small if I stand beside them and I have this thought about why I can’t be like them or what should I do to become like them. Then I realize no matter hard I'm trying, I won’t become anything if I’m not myself. So I tried to find out the special part from myself. Then I try harder and harder to make it as my specialization. Until someday other people have the same thought about me.


Back at my parent’s house or I suppose to call it home. But after some years, it doesn’t feel like home anymore. Everything is different, I don’t even know where the towel or the dinnerware is. Sometimes I wonder why I choose to moving out but the other time I wonder how I can live in this house for so long.

May 10, 2014

crazy week!

If last week was a busy week, this week is crazy. Busy and crazy.
Work like a hell, sleep like a cow, shopping like a billionaire, blood donor, make-up class, editing manga, deadline for Bungas Bags project which sadly I can't fulfill, and so on.

As you already know (or not) I took an offer to help my friend, the owner of Bungas Bags, to decorate her new collection such as coin purse and small purse. But I shouldn’t have took the offer because finally I can’t made it on time although I lock myself in the room for about 2 days to work on this project. I just keep procrastinating and thinks there’s still tomorrow until there's no tomorrow.

May 7, 2014

A meeting

This afternoon when I wandered with my friend at the mall, I meet a boy. He offered me to buy his  newspaper in English. I was surprised and say no at first. English is not our first language FYI. But he begged, still in English. I felt this boy is interesting, so I tried to hold a conversation to test how is his English skill.
In the end, I bought his newspaper. I'm impressed with his willpower at such young age. It showed when he tried to sell his newspaper in English. It means that he is well educated, and passionately practice what he have learned. And he sell newspaper to pay his tuition.
Unfortunately I forgot to ask his name and his address. Hope I can meet that boy again.

April 28, 2014


Back to work after two weeks vacation is like.... you forget everything you should do. And this week is crazy. My friend passed her final exam and finally become a Bachelor of economics. woohoo~
Made her a special gift but unfortunately I forgot to take a pics :( well, maybe I’ll just ask her to send me the pics :3 

I joined a manga (comics) project as a cleaner. My job is to clean the raw page from all the original text. At first I think it’s gonna be fun but…. There’s a lot of work to for each page. Still, it’s fun.
I’m helping my friend’s brand too. You know, I’ve mention about this friend before. She’s starting a new project for her brand and ask me a favor. Of course I’m willing to help but I doubted myself whether I’m gonna meet her expectation. I’ve told her the risk about working with me and she still willing to.
Oh, I’m going to start some other project soon. One with my sister and the other one with my friend. So I’m really really busy at the moment. I don’t think my body will survive all of this though.

April 22, 2014

Short Vacation (Malang)

Hmm, where should I start?
Last week I went to Malang. I visited my friend’s place before meet up with my sister. She (my friend, Melur) picked me up at the station and then we went to her place. We just lying around until my sister pick us and we went to Batu. It is a tourism city at East Java. It have theme parks, museums, and zoos at one location.

Malang Kota Lama Train Station

April 17, 2014


Just got home this morning and feel a little bit tired. A long story can come afterward, right?

April 10, 2014


This month I already planned to visit my big sis. I took day of for two weeks since last Monday and tomorrow I’m going to take the night train to Malang and meet her there. The actual plan is I’m going to visit her house at Surabaya and then we go to Malang together. But there’s some change, it’s not a big deal since she promised me that she’ll take me to amusement park, yeay :) I love amusement park, especially the one with a lot of extreme rides that gives you adrenalin.
I haven’t prepared anything yet and my room still a big messy. I wanna make something to her because today is her birthday. Got some idea but I don’t know whether I can make it before tomorrow noon.


blog planner printable (free!)

I thought I'm gonna need this when I started this new blog. So I made this one. But in the end I rarely use it :3 
You can download the pdf here for free.