September 6, 2017

When is yours?

So, this month I already receive 3 wedding invitation. Thankfully, they have different time so I can attend all of them. And as if attending so many wedding didn't tire you enough since you have to stand prettily with heels, there will be question demanding to be answered. Of course you can guess what the question is... "When is yours?". This is really ridiculous question since I don't even have a boyfriend. And most of the time my answer didn't satisfying them and they kept asking. As if the more they ask the question, soon I will getting married. 
I don't know if I have commitment issue or I just haven't found the Mr. Right, but I don't have any intention to get married soon.

Current Playlist

Although I said current, I've been listening this playlist for a month or so. But some of the song is recently added to the list.

1. Can't help falling in love - Ingrid Michaelson cover
2. Over you - Ingrid Michaelson ft. A Great Big World
3. I don't wanna love somebody else - A Great Big World
4. Already home - A Great Big World
5. Hush - Lasse Lindh (OST Guardian)
6. Falling in love at a coffee shop - Landon Pigg
7. Manse - Seventeen
8. Close to you - Carpenters
9. Cannonball - Damien Rice
10. Pretty U - Seventeen
12. I will go to you like the first snow - Ailee (OST Guardian)
11. Don't wanna cry - Seventeen

February 13, 2017

Am I? Or do you?

Hey, I'm here
Can't you see me?
Am I invisible?
Or you choose to ignore me?

Hey, i'm here
Can't you hear me?
Am I unheardable?
Or you choose to ignore me?

I'm here, breathing, waiting
Can't you feel me?
Am I lifeless?
Or you choose to abandon me?

Am I? Or do you?

January 25, 2017

Half day trip to Bogor

Half day trip to Bogor

Shamefully It was my first time to visit Bogor Botanical Garden. Although it is near from my house (about 1 hour using public transportation), it never been across my mind to go there since I'm not really into nature trip. Since my friend keep asking to accompany her so I gave up.

We went at 6 pm to nearest station and soon the train came. The weather is perfect for walking around, just a little bit cloudy and it made me sleepy combined with all the nature sound. So we took a stop and soon I started to dozing off.

You can see Presidential Palace from here!


Beside botanical garden, Bogor famous for culinary trip (done that before). There's a lot of cafe and restaurant near Taman Keuncana (about 700m from botanical garden Gate 3) and we decide to try wood-fired pizza at Kedai Kita. It was delicious as we both very hungry after waiting for an hour. Yeah I know it was lunch time but they said it would take only 15 minutes until the food ready so I was a little bit disappointed.

October 28, 2016

Her name is Hara

Meet Hara, our newest family member. Well, actually it's my sister family's pet.


June 17, 2016

Foodie Friday: Sweet Potato Latte

sweet potato latte

When I was in South Korea I found this cafĂ© and they have sweet potato latte on their menu. Of course I ordered it right away. And it didn’t disappoint me at all. It’s sweet and savory. And it makes you full. I’m no sweet potato addict, but I like it quite a lot. In Indonesia there is a lot of traditional snack using sweet potato as main ingredient. And my mother used to make it for me. 
Anyway, when I back to Indonesia I tried to make the sweet potato latte. And it is super-duper easy. All you need is sweet potato and milk. Here is how to make it:
  1. Peel the sweet potato and cut it into big chunk
  2. Steam or boil it until fork tender
  3. Set aside until it cold
  4. Put it on food processor or blender, add some milk (you can adjust the amount of the milk based on your preference), and let the machine do their work. 
  5. Done! You can add ice block or just put it in the fridge. 
I find it perfect even without sugar so I think it’s good for your diet. Check nutritional benefits of sweet potato at positive healthwellness. Please make sure to let me know how do you think when you try it :) 

Tips: If you live in dorm and don’t have access to a blender just use you fork and mash it. Or you can use a grater.