June 23, 2014

quote quote on the wall...

Quote quote on the wall, tell me the wisest word in the world!
Yep, as I said in the latest post I will decorate my wall with quotes. So this is what I did.

"I have so much to do that I'm going to bed"

It's been a long time since my latest post. Things get really busy at work and my mom keep asking me about my undergraduate thesis. But sometimes, when you have so much to do, sleep is the best solution. So i just slept whole day on my long awaited day-off. LOL
Recently I found a Korean historical drama called Yi San. Yes, I like historical story. Drama, movie, novel, even comics. Then I found the lead actor really good. So I watch another drama and a variety show with him as a cast. The variety show called “Grandpas over flowers”, which is a trip for senior Korean actor and him as a porter. Suddenly I feel urgently to start exercise again. Well, if the grandpas can backpacking around the world, so do I but I need to prepare myself first. I hate running, so I choose to walk. I set 1 mile as my goal for the first and now I can walk until 2.5 miles *proud*

June 2, 2014




Unfortunately it's really hard to find it in my neighborhood. Been looking for the DIY tutorial but got nothing. They usually use honeycomb paper which is harder to get :( 

And finally, after a long time searching  I found the tutorial from craftandcreativity.com. Here’s the link if you want to try too! I’ll make mine as soon as possible.