April 28, 2014


Back to work after two weeks vacation is like.... you forget everything you should do. And this week is crazy. My friend passed her final exam and finally become a Bachelor of economics. woohoo~
Made her a special gift but unfortunately I forgot to take a pics :( well, maybe I’ll just ask her to send me the pics :3 

I joined a manga (comics) project as a cleaner. My job is to clean the raw page from all the original text. At first I think it’s gonna be fun but…. There’s a lot of work to for each page. Still, it’s fun.
I’m helping my friend’s brand too. You know, I’ve mention about this friend before. She’s starting a new project for her brand and ask me a favor. Of course I’m willing to help but I doubted myself whether I’m gonna meet her expectation. I’ve told her the risk about working with me and she still willing to.
Oh, I’m going to start some other project soon. One with my sister and the other one with my friend. So I’m really really busy at the moment. I don’t think my body will survive all of this though.

April 22, 2014

Short Vacation (Malang)

Hmm, where should I start?
Last week I went to Malang. I visited my friend’s place before meet up with my sister. She (my friend, Melur) picked me up at the station and then we went to her place. We just lying around until my sister pick us and we went to Batu. It is a tourism city at East Java. It have theme parks, museums, and zoos at one location.

Malang Kota Lama Train Station

April 17, 2014


Just got home this morning and feel a little bit tired. A long story can come afterward, right?

April 10, 2014


This month I already planned to visit my big sis. I took day of for two weeks since last Monday and tomorrow I’m going to take the night train to Malang and meet her there. The actual plan is I’m going to visit her house at Surabaya and then we go to Malang together. But there’s some change, it’s not a big deal since she promised me that she’ll take me to amusement park, yeay :) I love amusement park, especially the one with a lot of extreme rides that gives you adrenalin.
I haven’t prepared anything yet and my room still a big messy. I wanna make something to her because today is her birthday. Got some idea but I don’t know whether I can make it before tomorrow noon.


blog planner printable (free!)

I thought I'm gonna need this when I started this new blog. So I made this one. But in the end I rarely use it :3 
You can download the pdf here for free.

April 8, 2014


Yes, to have this in my closet is kinda dream comes true. as I already said, I've been coveting this heels since last year. Can't wait to use it somewhere~

April 7, 2014


If you’ve read my post about my handmade slipper, maybe you were wondering how to make it. There’s a book which I borrow from my friend, it called "KNITTING MOCHIMOCHI". It is a wonderful book, full of inspiration to make anything cute for a gift. The writer has a website too and you can get some free pattern at there or you can buy the pattern. 

I like this book because the entire pattern using knitting technique not crocheting. And I think the output really unique and awesome.

p.s. the book officially mine already :D