June 15, 2016

10 days around South Korea: Behind the Story

10 days around south korea: behind the story
As you already know, I went to South Korea for 10 days in last March. I went with 3 of my high school friend, we’ve been planning and saving for this trip since last year. Truth to be told we never travelling together except for school excursion years ago. So yeah there’s a lot of stories to be told.
I remember the first trip from airport to guest house we already getting separated. It’s inevitable of course, since we have different personalities and it’s hard to match with each other pace even we know them for several years. The same trait we share is we are completely messy. It means our room basically looks like a plane crash site.
So, after we drop off our luggage we decide to go to APEC Nurimaru. And…… we getting lost. At first we took the wrong direction, instead going to our destination we went to airport direction. And after we got off the right place apparently we took the wrong route. Instead took a bus to APEC we take the bus to Dadaepo beach which is our next destination. We went to Dadaepo because we want to watch sunset fountain but…… they didn’t start until April 1st. So much for the first day.

10 days around south korea: Dadaepo beach
Taken by friendly aunty :)

10 days around south korea: coffee shop
Recommended by friendly local citizen

As we weren’t familiar with the area and public transportation it can’t be helped that we are missed the destinated station or shelter. Either we too tired or too immersed in chatting. And we have to walk a mile because if we took the metro or bus will cost a fortune. I wonder how I can survive all those walking. We also have to go to police station because my friend drop her card wallet including transport card right after she recharge about $20. And it's not the first nor the last time she drop her things.

BIFF Square

Unlike people in other big city, people at busan is kind and nice. They try their best to explain you if you ask for direction even though they can’t speak English. They will ask other and looking at internet if they didn’t know. They even ask if you need their help when you look like lost people. A lot of granny asking us to take photo together. Apparently people wearing hijab is uncommon there. Kinda feel like a celebrity, LOL. There even a random grandpa who bought us bungeoppang (carp bread). Maybe we seemed pitiful when we so frustrated to find public Wi-Fi.

10 days around south korea: bungeoppang
Thanks a bunch grandpa!

You can read the itinerary here and the expenses here.

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